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A phased approach to career management:

Phase   I - Defining your Career
Phase  II - Winning Edge
Phase III - Into Action

We believe that the difference between a job and a career
position is a good fit in terms of the following:

1. PRESENT CAPABILITY PLUS POTENTIAL. You must have the potential capability to be successful at the job. Your current skills and knowledge plus your potential to learn must match the requirements to perform well in the position. If you are a "good fit" your learning curve will be steeper than average and you will become a superior performer. Superior performance typically leads to new challenge and opportunity.

2. INTRINSIC MOTIVATION. You must have the opportunity to practice skills and do things that result in job satisfaction. Successful people often claim they play and get paid for it. Although this may not be possible for all, certainly the nature of the work must capture your interest if you are to feel satisfied with the position.

3. ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE. The prevailing values and ethics of the organization must match your own. Inconsistencies in this area will inevitably result in psychological discomfort, feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy, anger or conflict. Factors such as trust in the organization, predominant leadership styles, respect for employee worth, availability of support and opportunities for growth, and company reputation define the organizational culture.

4. FAIR COMPENSATION. You must feel that you are being fairly compensated for your efforts or your motivation to perform will suffer. The lifestyle required by you and your family must be supported. A shortfall would inevitably result in a debilitating level of stress.

5. LOCATION/COMMUNITY. You and your family must be satisfied with the community, the educational services, the available lifestyle options and opportunities provided in the geographic location of your employment. Travel requirements and commuting time are other factors you will want to consider.

Our focus will be to assist you in securing a career position that will lead to health and success for you and your family.



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