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Phased Approach to

Career Management:

Phase   I - Defining your Career

Phase  II - Winning Edge - Marketing
Phase III - Into Action

Phase II - The Winning Edge in Marketing Yourself
Creating your Marketing Tool-Kit

The hidden job market will become accessible to you through our developed approaches to marketing and access to a variety of data bases, both for researching potential job markets and for conducting background research on specific employers. We will show you how to produce superior letters and resumes and to tailor them to the varying demands and expectations of different job markets. You will be coached in techniques which will enable you to control and manage interview situations and to handle those difficult questions that are designed to throw you off balance. You will be able to identify the critical incidents in which the hiring decision is made and be able to handle these magic minutes in ways that will strongly influence the outcome in your favor. Through practice interviews with video feedback, you will be groomed to make a competent and professional presentation of your skills and assets. In short, you will gain a huge competitive advantage through knowing how to market yourself. This typically results in a dramatically shortened job search and in a position more likely to bring you the success and job satisfaction you deserve.

Broadcasting Your Profile

We will show you how your personal profile can be entered into a number of data bases. These data bases are accessed by thousands of potential employers and their hiring agents throughout Canada, the United States, and in some cases globally. You will be able to choose, in consultation with your career advisor, which data bases are best suited for the markets that you wish to focus on.

Researching Job Markets

You will receive expert guidance from your career advisor on where to locate the best sources of information and market intelligence through a variety of web sites, resource books and literature for researching potential job markets and for conducting background research on specific employers.

Developing your marketing strategy

Under the guidance of your career advisor, you will identify target markets consisting of potential employers with positions and organization cultures that are congruent with your skills sets and value system. You will then develop focused strategies using the tools that are appropriate to those particular markets.

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