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"Rockhurst Careers Group provides access to a job search technology that consolidates new job postings from a vast number of independent Canadian sources, every day and automatically alerts you to new jobs that match your particular skills and interests."


Powerful Job Search Technology

Rockhurst can provide you with access to a powerful software technology that delivers access to thousands unique, new Ottawa job opportunities each month and tools that immediately alert you to positions that match your skills and interests.

Three Easy Steps

  Login to our client services website.

Create a simple job search describing your skills and interests.

Enable the Job Alerts feature.

You will receive emails alerting you within hours of new jobs being posted matching your skills and interests.

"The most powerful job search technology available is now working for you."

Empower Your Career Search

Empower your career search by using one of the most powerful tools for identifying job opportunities.  Our Job Search Engine helps you identify positions that match your career objectives and gives you a very significant advantage over other job seekers who do not have access to this technology.

Let's face it, searching for a new career position is hard and stressful work.  You can spend countless hours searching for a suitable job opportunity, only to find that when you apply for it, hundreds of other qualified applicants have also applied for the same position.  This situation can be avoided with the use of efficient tools and resources that tap into an unadvertised job market where competition is less and possibilities are far greater.

The Job Search Engine consolidates new job postings from thousands of independent local sources every day and provides powerful tools for a targeted job search campaign.  Unlike employer-funded job posting web sites, our Job Search Engine is designed for the job seeker.  It provides access to a much larger number of job opportunities, many of which are not listed on employer-sponsored sites. This is a job market where competition is much less and your opportunities for success are far greater.  And most importantly, Rockhurst conserves your most valuable resource--time--so, you can channel your energy to prepare for interviews, network and focussing your job search.

Sample Job Searches

Executive level - Executive level job opportunities in Ottawa, Gatineau and Outaouais   (more...)

Engineering - Engineering Jobs in Ottawa, Gatineau and Outaouais   (more...)

Compare Job Search Features

Most people say that their career is the most important thing in their life after family. Automated, customized access to job opportunities may be a key component in helping you to achieve career satisfaction and income for your family. With so much on the line, the cheapest tool may not be the best choice, and one that may help you find a better job, weeks or even months sooner, could pay for itself many times over. The table below compares key features our Job Search Engine:

Job Search Engine Feature Comparison 



Job Search Engine

Our next best competitor

Job Posting Web Sites

Number of Job opportunities provided

Over 300,000 unique new Canadian job opportunities per month (typical).

Provides only 1/10 the number of unique new Canadian job opportunities in the same period.

These sites only post advertised jobs paid for by employers. As a result, only a small percentage of all jobs available are captured by these sites. Typically, a very large number of applicants apply for a small number of jobs.

Duplicate Jobs

Quality program ensures duplicates are less than 2%.

Large number of duplicate job entries.

Job advertisements are repeated many times and it is difficult to determine which are new or seen previously.

Search Engine

Provides a powerful job search engine that identifies job opportunities that match your skills and interests.

Job search criteria can be saved and used again.

Not available

Search engine tools have limited capabilities. In many cases, it is not possible to identify newly posted jobs because jobs are often reposted many times.

Job Alerts

The large number of jobs captured by Rockhurst along with strong search engine tools make the Rockhurst Email Job Alert system extremely powerful. It gives ours users a significant advantage.

Uncustomized email report with all new jobs is sent out to subscribers. This report must be reviewed manually and can consume several hours every day.

Value reduced by limited data set. Also, not all jobs are distributed by alerts.

Job Market Research

Rockhurst has over a year of local, historical job data. This allows you to research the historical availability of jobs in your areas of interest and consider trends.

Not available

Not available

  Annoying Ads No No Yes