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We assist
managers and
executives who find themselves in unfulfilling careers or are unemployed for any reason.

The  Rockhurst  Careers  Group  offers 
career management consulting.  We help our clients in taking stock of their career
situation and moving on to find careers that
match their abilities, interests and values.


Our clients follow a disciplined structured process in order to identify their interests, aptitudes, strengths and abilities. They do this one on one with a Career Advisor dedicated to helping them define and acquire career positions which will optimize their success and job satisfaction.
The Rockhurst Career Transition Program offers you the following:
Psychometric Testing  Self knowledge that will enable you to target career options;
Abilities Profile  Our experts will assist you in identifying your definitive career skill set;
Your Communication Toolkit Our comprehensive methodology and this tool-set will provide you the winning edge in communicating your unique value proposition;
Into Action Your campaign action plan will incorporate our proven approaches and method;
Your Qualification Perfecting your advice and information meetings, networking and interviews through practice;
Canada Jobs Search Database The Canada Jobs Search Database gives you access to the unreferenced job market of thousands of unadvertised positions every day.
For more information about the Rockhurst Career Transition Program, please contact us at 1-877-525-5478 or info@rockhurstgroup.com.

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