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Build an understanding of personality types, aptitudes, skills and interests through psychometric testing.


Rockhurst provides psychometric testing in areas pertinent to:
  • Selection and assessment
  • Individual development
  • Team performance
People often make the mistake of assuming that psychometric tests evaluate a person's psychological state of mind. The purpose of our testing is not to evaluate whether a person is psychologically stable or unhealthy. The psychometric tests that we utilize are primarily geared for the following purposes with respect to one's career and work environment:
Identifying promising personal career options;
Combining a client's personality type and interests to help the person make an informed career choice;
Identifying personal strengths and professional style;
Identifying personal areas for development;
Learning to work effectively as a team in a working environment;
Learning to adapt to corporate cultures and manage cultural diversity;
Harmonizing and maintaining motivated individuals and team efforts;
Identifying how a person’s interests and personality affect how he/she would run a business;
Understanding a person's leadership style; and
Using all the above to help firms make informed staffing, training and outplacement choices.
For more information about Rockhurst psychometric testing,  please contact us at 1-877-525-5478 or info@rockhurstgroup.com.

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