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"Education is an
investment for a lifetime. It is one of the most important decisions that you can help a young person make."

Would you buy a house before you had it surveyed?  Would you buy a second hand car without having a mechanic check the engine? Most of us conduct some sort of due diligence before making a major investment.

Rockhurst Careers Group has established a career counselling program for high school and university students.  If you are a student yourself or know of anyone,

whether it be your own children, nieces and nephews, or friends' children that are at the point of deciding what to do with their lives--we can probably help.  This program is designed to enable students who have not yet recognized their own unique skills, aptitudes, interests and values to discover their real potentialities and determine a career direction that excites them.


Many of our clients have come to us wanting to redirect their career focus so that they would feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.  Had they had some guidance earlier in life, our services might not have been required later.

We offer an opportunity for young adults who are at the threshold of their career lives.  We can help them establish what they want to be in life, so that they do not suffer such experiences as:
a university education they cannot relate with; years of work in an uninspiring job; depression and lack of motivation; lack of self fulfillment; or career instability.

Instead of wasting between $30,000 to $100,000 for your own or your son/daughter's education, we recommend that you spend $495 for skills, aptitude and interests testing, and receive our counselling in 3 sessions that will help determine the best choices for this investment of a lifetime.

If you think that you, or anyone you know, would benefit from this program, please contact a Rockhurst career advisor at 1-877-525-5478 or email us at  info@rockhurstgroup.com.





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