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Mining Engineer to Environmental Research Coordinator:

Tom, a mid career mining engineer (PhD Eng.) had recently moved to Ottawa from Alberta for family reasons. Obviously, he found the market for mining engineers in Ottawa extremely limited. After an analysis of qualifications, interests, values and life mission, Tom decided to focus on the environmental sector. With Rockhurst assistance he first secured a position as an environmental consultant but soon found that travel demands encroached on his family life. Rockhurst again assisted him, as part of our warranty, to obtain another position as coordinator of environmental research projects with a very satisfactory six figure income. Tom circumstances have changed from perceived career sacrifice to a most exciting chapter of his career life.

Aerospace & Defence to Electronic Business tools:
Andy, a highly successful Regional Sales Manager in the Canadian Aerospace & Defence Industry for 15 years wanted to pursue a different career that would better challenge and maximize the skills he’d acquired managing major accounts across Canada, the United States and Mexico. The decision to change was due in part to initial consultations with Pierre at Rockhurst Careers Group, which imparted a confidence that such changes, though major in many instances, are frequent and usually highly successful.

After interviewing 3 local career-consulting firms, Andy chose Rockhurst for it’s more personal approach and track record. The process enabled Andy to secure a highly rewarding position with one of the world’s leading electronic tendering firms as an Account Executive with responsibilities in a wide variety of markets. Andy continues his relationship with Pierre and the Rockhurst staff and welcomes anyone considering their services to contact him.

Insurance to Banking

Marlène, 28, was in a sales role with a large Insurance firm. She had a B.Com. and an excellent track record dealing with small and medium size businesses. She was frustrated by low salary (about $30K) and poor career prospects. Marlène was attracted to the High Technology sector by higher salary levels and higher opportunity prospects. After in depth analysis of her strengths, interests, and values with Ken, our Chief Career Advisor, she decided to stick to the financial services sector, and concentrate on large banks as potential employers. After a successful job search campaign Marlène won a trainee position as a business developer with a large Canadian Bank. Her starting salary was $45K, $5K over the original offer, and she is currently receiving intensive training with excellent career opportunities in a role and organization that she finds very exciting.

Aerospace to High Technology:
Harry, a 41 year old British engineer, had been employed with a British aircraft manufacturer in a sales support role in very large dollar sales. Harry wished to find employment with a Canadian firm in the manufacturing sector. After comprehensive analysis of his strengths and ambitions with Ken, and a decision to remain in the Ottawa area near his fiancée’s family, Harry decided to target the High Technology sector. After a two month campaign Harry found a position as Proposals Manager for a large Canadian Technology firm. His compensation negotiations resulted in an $80K package, about 30% over the original offer. This enabled him to get married and pursue a challenging and satisfying career.

Selling Temporary Buildings to Selling Software Development Services:
Jacques, a 26 year old graduate of the Algonquin College Business Program, had been working as a salesman for a vendor of temporary buildings. Although he loved sales, he found his income, averaging in the high twenties, to be disappointing, and was attracted by the opportunities and compensation presented by the high tech. sector.

Ken advised him that without any technical depth he would be unlikely to find a position selling hardware or software products. Ken suggested that he would be much more likely to find employment selling contract technical support services since a technical background is secondary to sales skills in this area. Ken further suggested that he could improve his chances considerably if he targeted smaller local firms who still had senior technical staff looking after marketing and sales and were at the stage where they should consider a professional salesperson. This involved identifying and contacting such firms with a view to creating a full time sales position where none existed before.

After approaching only four firms with this profile Jacques' proposal resulted in a position with a firm that fit the profile. In his first year Jacques' income exceeded $60K and he tells us that his new employers are as thrilled with him as he is with them.

Legal Firm to Public Sector:
Kathy, a 30 year old Lawyer, explained that she took a hard look around her employer's office. Seeing the types of work senior legal staff were dealing with decided "If that's what's waiting for me at the end of this track, then I want off of this train".

Kathy felt strongly that she wanted to do something that would have "real social impact". She thought that likely she could realize her ambition writing social policy in the Public Sector. Ken explained that this would be a very tough market to penetrate given the cutbacks in the federal government. However if she was prepared to stay focused and work hard it was possible.

After a lengthy campaign (about fourteen weeks) Kathy landed a position as senior policy advisor dealing with biotechnology issues and their impact on the public.

When asked what she felt was the most important thing she had gotten from the program Kathy replied, "I will never again fear being out of work. I now know how to find the right job in the toughest market".




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