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Having worked with Rockhurst, I can honestly say that the skills acquired during this process were life skills that have enabled me to negotiate the ever-changing work world with greater ease. I've learned how to present and market my skills and experience which
has allowed me to move my career forward without missing a beat.... It was an investment in me and my future that I would recommend to anyone looking
to get and keep their career on track.




Pierre was definitely instrumental in helping me get my new job. After applying to almost 300 positions with not a single request for an interview, I needed a change in strategy. I liked the fact that Pierre did not “count sessions”, but met with me as often as needed and really got to understand my situation. He showed great patience and his guidance was invaluable. He helped instil confidence in me when applying for positions.
The formats that he recommended for my cover letters and resumes definitely improved my chances of receiving a positive response. When I received a request for an interview for the position I ended up getting, Pierre helped a great deal with the preparation. I ended up getting a terrific teaching position at a great location, and with a salary that I never even imagined. Rockhurst Careers Group was definitely worth the investment.

        Gino Teolis

I had one week to prepare for a job interview and I knew I needed help. I contacted Pierre at Rockhurst and we set up a series of meetings for the week. With Pierre’s expert guidance he led me through a series of tests, exercises and practices. By working through solid examples of my work experiences and interview scenarios, Pierre helped to instill a sense of confidence and enthusiasm for the position I was seeking. I can honestly say that I sailed through the interview and have now started working with the company! Thank you to Pierre for his insight, interest, confidence and expertise. I intend to return to Pierre next year to look at my overall career aspirations and potential job paths.


When I first started working with Pierre and Celine, I was not confident in my skills and background. I had little interviewing experience – working with two companies for almost thirty years! While I knew I was looking for something, I could not articulate it well.

Their program was incrementally preparing me for the future, and did so in a non-threatening, even entertaining way. The knowledge of different career paths and job responsibilities was extremely helpful, especially after Myers-Briggs testing, when so many directions become visible (and possible).

It has now been two years in a totally different career, Technical Sales. In this type of employment, you are responsible for your performance and all aspects of sustaining and growing a customer base. I can attest that Rockhurst predictions of company (and personal) requirements were ‘dead-on’. The position is a culmination of all the various skills I have acquired, and utilizes my talents well. The company is pleased with my performance, and I am thoroughly enjoying work – continuous learning and growing!  Salary expectations are always difficult when you are changing careers – my trajectory is good in this area also.
         Rob Gauci

With Céline's coaching at Rockhurst, I managed to bring out qualities that I possessed unknowingly.
  I am a scientist, who holds a PhD and postdoctoral experience with a strong background in research.  Before starting a career management program, my level of research training that would be my greatest asset was becoming a "handicap" on the job market. But from the outset I could broaden my perspectives. Dormant abilities in me awoke and today I am pleased to have quickly found a job that meets my expectations
and I am infinitely grateful to Rockhurst Careers Group.


When I left my previous job to start my second career, I was really worried about my future.  The valuable advice in career guidance from Ken and Pierre have been of great service during my transition.  The skills I learned during my relationship with Rockhurst Careers Group will be useful for the duration of my professional life.


It was great to meet someone who took an interest in me, someone who helped me to analyze my career, my skills and goals. Ken went well above and beyond any expectation I had going into this process. In fact the process was so appealing that I got my wife enrolled and we were the first couple to work through it together and we both excelled beyond our imagination.

I have been through several other outplacement firms over the years and there is no comparison to the value and outcomes that I experienced with Rockhurst. I would send my entire family....especially my kids as they start out in the world.....his program is absolutely the best I have seen.

The program more than doubled my salary at the time and put me into a position that I was much better suited for and I have held senior positions at Director, Vice president ever since.

      Bill Pope

With Ken's help I doubled my salary in just over a year. When I went to Ken I was feeling pretty crappy. I had a 4 year honours degree in Commerce and Admin, but stuck in a job I hated where I was under-valued and under- appreciated. I lost my confidence. Ken built me back up! He found what I had lost. I started with him at the end of April 2006... and he had his work cut out for him... but in a few months I was getting interviews and turning down jobs. In October 2006 I was offered a job that moved me back to my home town and nearly doubled my salary. Now 9 or 10 months later, I am being promoted - and that means more money, more responsibility, vacation, benefits, the whole sha-bang! Ken will pay for himself 10 times over in my books!


Working with Ken gave me the opportunity to start a career in a city where the odds were against me. The competition was tough, and I needed an edge. Ken provided that edge and a lot more including another avenue to meet other established professionals and understand what a career is after university life. Being part of the Rockhurst Group became a component of growing and maturing as a professional by lining my degree and skills against experienced professionals, and figuring out where I fit in on my own. Doing that gave me the confidence to excel and succeed in my position, long after Ken helped fill the position. Starting my career in Ottawa under Ken's guidance also contributed to a certain style of professionalism that I am finding is unique in my current city of residence, Vancouver. Partly because of Ken and the Rockhurst Group, professionally speaking, I am an Ottawan and always will be.


Ken has an approach to career counselling that combines insider knowledge, psychological insight, practical methods, and human compassion. These combine to help his clients open doors, in themselves and "out there," to get to where they want to go - somewhere better.


After working as an executive for large corporations over the past 6 years, I found myself at a crossroad between balancing my career and familly life. It was time for a change but I didn't know what...until I met Ken and the Rockhurst team!

Ken helped me determine the best type of work environment based on my personality test results, identify key companies that would be a good fit and create a plan to finding employment in a timely fashion. All through the process, the Rockhurst team was supportive and first class in their dealings. Ken is an expert in his field and his experience was a big help!

I ended up finding employment with a great company, and am now enjoying a balanced and fullfilling work/family life.

Rockhurst was a worthwhile investment and I recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their current career situation.


Ken Zaborniak, the classiest guy I have met, was instrumental in moving my career forward. From the first handshake, I knew Ken was the coach I had been looking for. His coaching is the best investment I have made. Ken has had a very positive impact on my personal life too. A very generous man, Ken went out of his way to help me with my career search. He truly enjoys helping people helping themselves. Marketing yourself has a great deal to do with how you feel about yourself. You cannot project calm, control and confidence if you don’t feel them. Ken has been central in helping me find the great person I really am. This made all the difference during the networking and interview process. I have learned to expect excellence from Ken and he has been an inspiration to be excellent in every aspect of my life.

My best regards,

In 1999 I decided I needed a career change but I had no idea how to go about it. Through a friend of a friend I heard about Ken and I latched on to him like a lifeline - I didn't even check references. Ken opened my eyes to so many possibilities and really enabled me to dream big. The most important thing I got from all of the great things Ken provided was confidence: the confidence to go out into the job market knowing I had marketable skills and that I could do whatever I wanted to




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